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Tanya Johnson

Establishing a reputation of proven success among clients in both private and public sectors worldwide.

Corporate Leadership


As the founder and CEO of Blackhorse, LLC, a consulting and venture capital group, Tanya Johnson directs a team of geopolitical risk assessment experts with a decade of proven success providing strategic guidance for an elite roster of clients. The Blackhorse team specializes in developing and opaque markets, enabling valuable insights and actionable analyses of political and financial risks.

Johnson cultivates a deep understanding of the complex and shifting forces affecting global businesses through extensive travel and ties with corporate and political leaders around the world. Her combined expertise in international relations and financial markets gives Blackhorse’s clients valuable strategies for navigating investment opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and other business decisions in emerging markets.

Science and Medicine

Tanya Johnson earned her MD from Stanford University School of Medicine and practiced clinical medicine before shifting her focus to entrepreneurship. She had the privilege of training under exceptional mentors and working with talented colleagues at hospitals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, specializing in emergency and wilderness medicine.

Dr. Johnson maintains her active medical license and has applied her medical expertise as a consultant for biotechnology firms and international medical organizations. She has also served as a technical advisor in the film and television industries and volunteered in developing nations and underserved communities for several years. Dr. Johnson remains engaged in scientific research and innovation, both professionally and through philanthropic endeavors.

World Travel and Adventure

As a young girl, Tanya Johnson traveled the country in the cockpit of her father’s small plane, igniting her passion for travel and adventure. Today, she’s an avid skydiver and mountaineer who has visited more than 180 countries. Johnson attributes her international business success to the cross-cultural knowledge and experience she has accumulated through a lifetime of business, personal and philanthropic travel.

Johnson moves seamlessly from the boardrooms of Geneva to the savannahs of Africa, always seeking to explore deeper and make personal connections with the people and cultures she experiences along the way. She frequently travels to Bhutan, where she helped build a temple outside of Thimphu where she is closely engaged with the country. Most recently, she made expeditions to both the North and South Poles.



Philanthropy has long held an important role in Johnson’s personal and professional life. As head of the Manzanita Foundation, she believes meaningful philanthropic efforts require three pillars: A commitment to creating sustainable programs. Clear milestones that establish a roadmap for success. And an entrepreneurial approach that creates novel solutions to existing problems.

Through her foundation, Johnson taps her experience as a medical doctor to provide local training, supplies and much-needed clinical care in remote areas like Papua New Guinea and Syrian refugee camps, and she funds wildlife and habitat conservation in Africa, Asia and South America. She also offers scholarships and fellowships to promising students, and she is a proud patron of the arts, supporting documentary films, photography and performing arts.

Tanya Johnson Blog

When asked what she collects through her travels, she'll consistently reply, "Experiences. They are my most treasured collection."

Ever the restless, curious wanderer, Tanya has traveled through nearly 180 countries and all seven continents. Her love of travel stemmed from a formative experience: when she was sixteen, she traveled alone to Africa, undertaking a safari in Botswana.

Tanya’s past and upcoming events

  • September 9-11: The Mosaic Gala Against Human Slavery, an event focused on preventing human slavery and human trafficking. Learn more at https://www.humanslavery.com/
  • September 5-13: New York Fashion Week
  • September 13-17: London Fashion Week
  • September 17-23: Milan Fashion Week
  • September 16-October 2: Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands
  • September 22-October 7: Oktoberfest, Germany
  • September 20-November 2: Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan
  • October 11: The Nobel Peace Prize Awarded
  • October 27: Diwali, India
  • November 2: Day Of The Dead, Mexico
  • November 11-13: 13th Global Citizenship Conference, London
  • November 11-27: UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Jordan, Turkey, and Oman
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