Petrochemical Industry
The Need to Diversify from the Petrochemical Industry and Engage in other Sectors
Over the past week, global consultant Tanya Johnson attended the IDEX and ADIA conferences in Abu Dhabi and the HSBC
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Tanya Johnson Grand Prix Monaco
Monaco Grand Prix
Date(s): May 25-28, 2017: As a dedicated Formula 1 fan and a driver with track time under her belt, Tanya is
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Tanya Johnson Pyramids
Tanya Johnson’s Middle East Trip: Why Cairo and Amman Inspire
Recently, Tanya Johnson traveled to Cairo and Amman–two cities filled with mysterious beauty that withhold the wonders of ancient worlds
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Tanya Johnson Cannes Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival
Date(s): May 17-18, 2017 Tanya grew up in Los Angeles in a family that worked in the film industry. She
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North Pole at Sunset
North Pole Expedition
Date(s): April 11, 2017 (week of) Tanya has already been on an expedition to the South Pole and now had
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