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Visiting the Animals of South Africa and Brazil

Tanya Johnson’s Commitment to International Environmental Preservation Tanya Johnson has had a busy travel schedule over the last several months. She recently visited Johannesburg and Cape Town in ...

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Traveling to Seychelles and Madagascar: Rare and Endangered Species Off the Coast of Africa A Inside Look at Tanya Johnson’s Upcoming Trip to Madagascar Tanya Johnson has always considered ...

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Team Ferrari Triumphs and Bruno Mars Delights at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix has been one of my favorite events since I attended for the first time when I was 17 years old. That experience inspired me to live in Monaco for the summer between my first and ...

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2017 Cannes Film Festival Combines Film, Fashion & Technology

For 70 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been a celebration of the cinematic arts. As someone who grew up in a film industry family amid the bright lights of Hollywood, got my Screen Actors Guild ...

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Adventure to the North Pole

The plane ascended to 49,000 feet as it crossed into the Arctic Circle, high enough that I could make out the blue-green curvature of the Earth stretched out below. Then, somewhere over Greenland, we ...

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