Staying Healthy/ Fit While on the Road

Fellow Road Warriors! I am committed to health & fitness, and I have some tips to share with men and women like me who spend much of their lives in hotels:

1. Hydrate! Bring a bottle of water with you and drink twice as much as you normally would from the departure airport through your first and second day at your destination.

2. Jet lag can be your ally. Pack your running/walking shoes. If you are awake in the pre- dawn hours, lace up your shoes, get outside and explore the city before the rush hour traffic begins. I have run the ring road in Vienna and enjoyed London before the traffic takes over. Discover the city and get an energizing run/ walk before the day begins.

3. Avoid the mini bar! It’s 2 am. Your brain thinks it’s lunch time, the mini bar beckons. Avoid the midnight Pringles, beer, and gummy bears. You don’t want to bother with room service, or it’s not available at 2 am… The smart Road Warrior packs a few protein bars or fresh fruits.

4. Hotel Hacks:
– the gym or spa is your friend…even if you are not spending an hour there… Either will have green apples, tea, ice water, and few grab n go healthy & free options.
– ask the front desk for a fruit plate when you check in. This works great if you are a ” platinum member” but it also works well if you are a first time guest. Just ask.

5. Go to the grocery store. Drive, cab, or Uber to the store. Clear out the mini bar/fridge. Ask room service to do this for you and keep an accounting that verifies it has been removed. Ask them to switch off sensors in automated mini bars. Place you own healthy foods and drinks in the fridge.

6. Set your brain to local time! Resist the temptation to draw the blackout blinds, binge on Netflix and fall asleep. At noon. The Healthy option is: Take a shower, go outside, go for a run, take your laptop to the local coffee shop.

7. The gym: hotel gyms range from full service to inadequate. Survey the gym at your time of check-in. Then go there! Most large resorts will offer yoga classes and guided fitness classes. If you don’t, or can’t get to the gym, see #8 .

8. Your Hotel Room Workout. You don’t need a gym, you don’t need a trainer. 
You need motivation, your own body, a floor, and maybe a chair or desk.

Developed with Laura Plomgren, CPT- ACE, Senior Fitness Specialist, NASM. 

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