Tanya Johnson’s Middle East Trip: Why Cairo and Amman Inspire

Recently, Tanya Johnson traveled to Cairo and Amman–two cities filled with mysterious beauty that withhold the wonders of ancient worlds with unique nuances of modernity.

Marcel Proust wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Amman and Cairo offer much to the thoughtful journeyman seeking art, allure, and the human visionary.
Amman, Jordan–with its profusion of scattered Arabian coffee cafes, gleaming white roof tops supported by ancient stone, and its blend of modern structures that fit seamlessly, one’s eyes adjusts to the details in peripheral glances, impassioned gaze, and thoughtful study as the sights, sounds and smells lull one’s awareness to the lesser-known jewels that Westerners may pan should they traverse new ground.

Amman is a city that has long since espoused the Bedu nomad identity for the axiom of the modern Arab world. Much like the city that absconds traditional perception, Tanya Johnson is an international consultant and globally-experienced doctor whose atypical upbringing in the Western World sets her apart from any archetype from the American populace. While only four percent of Jordan is cultivated, life, commerce, and art are prevalent throughout its various enclaves. The essence of progressing while sustaining the rich reflection of Petra is identifiable in family traditions, the partaking of foul in minimalist-designed cafes, and adorning the halls at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Tanya Johnson and a Love for Egyptology

A true juxtaposition of the old and new, Cairo offers a place of contemplation from a modern cosmopolitan vantage coupled with the rebus of an antiquity. Upon first entering the arena of Egyptology, Tanya Johnson was moved by the pictorial grace and elegance of Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the wonderment of the ancient society from whence they were carved. From the traditions of ancient burial ceremonies to the advent of Egypt’s modern history during its invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte, its spiritual, artistic and social history glistens from its beating heart Cairo while enlightening all who are willing to shed their preconceived Western interpretations and journey through its annals of history with ears, eyes, and mind open to the city’s inspirited soul.

Awaken and Find Yourself Through Amman and Cairo

Tanya Johnson is an international adventurer and cultural explorer pursuing continuous enlightenment via the brilliant shining light that warms those haunts all too many Westerners fail to experience. For those who pursue expanded horizons and a deeper understanding of the social, natural and artistic world, pause now, and consider. To the inquisitive souls who yearn for a grand awakening through the discourse of authentic, brilliant humanity in destinations off the standardized trail, Amman and Cairo will lend new eyes to curious minds seeking the most life has to offer.

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